Two Sligo Masters (CD)

John Vesey & Eddie Cahill

This is the fifth in a series of archive recordings of Sligo music produced by the Coleman Centre The two CDs put together here are reissues of the original solo vinyl albums published by Shanachie Records. The original titles are 'The First Month of Spring' and 'Ah! Surely'. Both men were from South Sligo.....


0 0 (0)
1 Eddie Cahill (1)
1 The Reel of Rio/The Maid behind the Bar (Reels) (2.28)
1 John Vesey (1)
1 The Laurel Bush/The Flower of Redhill (Reels) (2.33)
2 The Sailor on the Rock/The Duke of Leinster (Reels) (1.46)
2 Up Sligo (Jigs) (2.31)
3 Mulvahil's and McFadden's handsome daughter (Reels) (2.05)
4 The Collier's and The Blackberry Blossom (Reels) (1.57)
5 Martin Wynne's 1&2 (Reels) (2.23)
6 Around the world for Sport and the Curlew (Reels) (1.57)
7 The Pride of Rockchapel. The Cat that ate the Candle and Munster Buttermilk (Jigs) (2.59)
8 Reel of Bogey (The Tramp) Reel (1.50)
9 Ah! Surely / An Corran Buí (Reel) (2.17)
10 My Love is Fair and Handsome/The Pride of Rathmore (Reels) (2.25)
11 Love at the Endings/The Old Blackthorn Stick (Reels) (2.43)
12 Last Nights Fun/The Masters Return (Reels) (1.29)