The Sound of Coleman Country (CD)

Various Artists

20 tracks featuring various musicians from Sligo. Instruments include flute, banjo, guitar, whistle, bodhrán, button accordian, fiddle, piano, pipes and sean nós singing. This is a Coleman Production CD first released in 1998. The Coleman Heritage Group are: Carmel Gunning, Junior Davey, P.J. and Domhnaill Hernon, Declan Folan, Andrew Davey, Peter Horan, Hazel Shannon, Verona Ryan, Kevin Henry & Michael Hurley


1 Kerry Reel, Sailor on the Rock, Sheehans (Reels) Swallow Tail Ceili Band (3.15)
2 Wallop the Spot, Spot the Wallop (Jigs) Colm O'Donnell (flute) Tommie Finn (Banjo) (2.41)
3 Johnnie is the fairest One (Song) Carmel Gunning (2.40)
4 The Dublin Reel, Mason's apron, The bucks of Oranmore (Reels) Carmel Gunning(tin whistle) Junior Davey (bodhran) (3.68)
5 Sherwood Forest, Chief O'Neills (Hornpipes) P.J. Hernon (accordion) Domhnaill Hernon (fiddle) Jim Corry (piano) (3.05)
6 Lord McDonald's, Pigeon on the Gate (Reels) Declan Folan (fiddle), Andrew Davey (fiddle), Junior Davey (bodhran) (2.47)
7 The Ploughboy (Song) Batty Sherlock (2.33)
8 Killavil Polka -Polka- Peter Horan (flute) and Hazel Shannon (guitar) (1.45)
9 Killavil Jig, Rambling Pitchfork (Jigs) Peter Horan (flute) and Hazel Shannon (guitar) (2.00)
10 The Ballad of Michael Coleman (Song) Colm O'Donnell (5.27)
11 Nine Points of Roguery, Molly Bawn (Reels) Seamus O'Donnell (flute), Shane McGowan (guitar), Declan Payne (Piano Accordian) (3.40)
12 Tarbolton, Longford Collector, Sailor's Bonnet (Reels) Coleman Heritage Group (3.17)
13 An Droimin Donn Dilis, The Wicklow Hornpipe, Gan Ainm (Slow-Air, Hornpipe, Jig) John Dwyer (flute) Collette Gaffney (Tin whistle) Domhnaill Hernon (fiddle) (5.21)
14 Lad O'Beirne's Reel, John Dwyer (flute), Collette Gaffney (Tin whistle) , Domhnaill Hernon (fiddle) (1.22)
15 Molly Brannigan (Song, Lilting) Colm O'Donnell (2.08)